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Author: Elizabeth Dembovska

Memories for Life: an Important Alzheimer’s Doc to Watch With Your Family

How many of us would like to avoid Alzheimer’s? Probably all of us, but repeatedly we have been told that “there is nothing that will prevent, reverse, or delay Alzheimer’s disease.” About 45 million of the currently living Americans will die of Alzheimer’s disease if effective treatment and prevention are not developed…

ExtraTv: Michael Bublé Opens Up About His Late Grandmother’s Struggle with Alzheimer’s

Singer Michael Bublé is lending his voice to the documentary “Memories for Life: Reversing Alzheimer’s.” “Extra’s” Mona Kosar Abdi spoke with Michael, who has experienced the pain of a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s. He said, “I watched my mother as an incredible caretaker to her best friend, my grandma, and it was more than devastating for us to watch her suffer.”

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